Title:  honest people

Author:   Adroaldo
Category:   Society
Keywords:  Honesty, people, hope.

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What drives these people
Honest and so simple
Still insists ,
He fears nothing and not get tired ?

His hands say so much
And his look brings so much history ,
Your smile is real
And your pain , reward.

Each step is so welcome
And the search is so intense
I hardly understand me ,
Almost I do not see me .

My heart can not see
People cry, people suffer.
I add the ground and the direction ,
I lose faith and to the right.

I lose step ,
I lose track,
I lose so much,
I lose everything.

I'm speechless ,
I'm deaf,
I'm blind,
I lose the world.

Where all these people cry
Honestly that never tires
It's like a huge house
Where have people up on the balcony.

This dirt road ,
This dirt road ,
softly cry and beg
That hold on my heart.

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