Title:  broken

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  broken past burning tale

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she kneels like a slave
with a bouquet of roses broken
and opens her deceived eyes
so close to the grave
of all those painful lies
like a last woman standing
under a sky full of anger
denying her poisoned past
a relation where nothing is what it seems
rapes her perfect dreams
lonely moving broken
anxious to bring her unquenched love to live at last
it feels like nothing to remember
when all is buried in the burning sand
of too many softly killing hands
when nevermore understands
there is only one way to stand up and fight
she is ready to drift away on a melting floe
knowing she will not get far
torn apart in the slipstream of hindsight
it feels like casting a line into a dried up river
to disguise the excitement of an endless shiver
she is not just another shooting star
unaware of where to go
she is crying to come back
indifferent and without sentiment
accompanied by the scent of wilted roses
to walk along the waterline
covered in dust which she aroses
she shows her soul to determine
to be no longer a broken slave
finally she has found a tale
while dying to be brave

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