Title:   " Here Lies Chester Robinson "

Author:   Triz
Category:   Life
Keywords:  wild west, life

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Almost seems like yesterday,
That I rode into town,
With only a few coins in my pocket,
And horse Broken Crown,

The freedom and opportunity,
That come with first arrival,
Would soon fade away,
By the means of survival,

Soon without options,
With nowhere to turn,
I had to find cash,
Someway to earn,

While sitting with a scotch,
In the Broken Spoke saloon,
I overheard a man speaking,
How he had to catch a train soon,

With no second thoughts,
Got my revolver and mask,
I robbed my first train,
And filled up my sash,

It was only to be one,
No hurting, no pain,
But with money this easily,
Something changes the brain,

Soon it was daily,
And nothing was safe,
I became a wanted man,
The Southwest Sentinel's front page,

Moving only by moonlight,
I had to leave this place fast,
I would have to quit robbing trains,
And somehow bury this cash,

Skipping town first thing at dawn,
Trying not to get on the wire,
As I slept in the hills that fateful night,
I was awaken by gunfire,

"This is our man", the Marshall did say,
As they stood me up,I was somewhat relieved,
"I knew we would find you",
"Now this town can have peace",

I stood there quietly,
My freedom was gone,
Death from the gallows,
Tomorrow at dawn,

Standing there as a man,
Eyes fixed on the crowd,
It all seemed so natural,
With the rope I was bound,

With one sturdy pull,
I soon felt the wrath,
Its funny how we forget,
The force gravity has,

Slowly fading to black,
It all slipped away,
The money still hid,
Up in those his to this day.....

Comments on " " Here Lies Chester Robinson ""
Posted by RianPitan on April 17, 2012
Great story Tiz! I think you could probably expand on it and give more detail. Also, I think you have a type-o in the last line. Did you mean to write "Up in those hills to this day...." ? Keep writing, great stuff!