Title:  Time to rest

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  moment rest beauty I

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I am a little bird in the sky
flying from the east to the west
I am a small fish in the sea
swimming from the north to the south
I am a sweet lullaby
hoping to find a moment of rest
I am an overhanging tree
for crying out loud
I am a snowflake in winter
melting in the eyes of the rising sun
I am a blind audition
on the road to a charming princess
I am a moment of submission
hoping to get glorious access
I am only one breath away
to taste a sweet kiss of life
I am dreaming to stay
to be entangled by the beauty to survive
I am a body of curiosity
flying from the east to the west
I am a wave in the sea
travelling to a sandy place to rest
and ...............................

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