Title:  a face called home

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  home paasion melody

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many miles from home
where candy tastes sour
a dream falls a sleep
when powdered smiles grouse
and the dawn shows a shattered house
eyes of the past silently weep
longing to become sweeter by the hour
brightly colored in the deep
to dance with a frozen shadow
and kiss the lips of a crucified siren
lured by the source of revealing love
challenged by sharp tender moments of passion
and carresses of emerging desires
when revelation of sensuality is not enough
and the melody of a whispering voice inspires
maybe it is time to say hello
and listen to find a way home
when changes show to let it go
and remember love as a companion alone
standing close to the edge
dressed in a cloak of mist
hoping to be gently kissed
and walk across the broken bridge
towards a face called home

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