Title:  Mirage of rest

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  wandering princess rest silent wise

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wandering princess from the east
packs her pink bags
and dressed in satin rags
she flies to the west
without knowing where to go
she flees for her paranoia
to open forbidden doors
and regain pieces of her shattered amnesia
she dances on slippery floors
hoping to be caught by a simple expectation
naked and pure
hidden in a bubble of another misplaced adventure
like a pilgrim she believes
in the courtship of a crimson liar
in a silent moment she retrieves
a rusted memory of the ancient wise
telling her what is right and wrong
but for her it is only a disguise
to live in a place where she doesn’t belong
unchained of the familiar
she takes a jump into a misty space
and makes a legendary fall
satisfied by a smiling face
and the warm echoe of a distant call
of a wandering princess coming from the east
finding her mirage of rest

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