Title:  Poetry

Author:   Adroaldo
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Poetry, poem, writer, poet.

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Poetry bother me,
late night,
late in the day ,
does not matter!
.It Is a desire to vomit
a new world,
a new thing
that azucrina me ,
.me Chases in bed ,
rips the mattress ,
I steal the covers,
I hijacks the pajamas.
.all Day bother me,
all the time,
does not matter!
.A Poetry pisses me off
all the time,
robs me the second ,
the minutes , the entire clock.
.Acaba With my calm ,
bare my soul ,
accentuates my anger
and stone me ,
.me Turns inside out ,
disrespects me ,
me frightens ,
sacaneia me ,
.She Takes me
and you receive me as anecdote,
Sometimes you love me
and sometimes I hate me .
Poetry complete me ,
But never satisfy me .
So addiction me
this drug me anesthesia ,
.They Treat me like a bitch
And fucks me mercilessly ,
smells all my powder
and leave me in bed , alone.
.Me Separates ,
Alienates me ,
Enslaves me ,
I still buries in life.
.Faz Me to be
Another toy,
poetry that complete me ,
But never satisfies .

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