Title:  Tired of dreaming

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  tired dreaming colors special world

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tired of dreaming
and making love to a shadow
a wounded feeling
stuck in the shallow
far away from all those years
that refuse to fade away
a journey on the back of too many tears
confused by childish words of yesterday
illiminated by a desintegrated body
breathing loneliness every day
suppressed by the absence of eloquence
denying all of what will never be
under a looming purple sky
watching the reflection of colors broken
a rainbow near and still so far away
always travelling like a no one
too imperfect to be special
in a careless and wonderfull life
racing everyday behind the rising sun
and the deception of a desperate call
crushed by the hate of a psychotic wife
tired of feeling alone in a familiar today
cut the strings
a last farewell to the pictures of yesterday
and hello to a brave world that sings

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