Title:  The Only One

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  burn desire star love dawn

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come what may
in a world without an end
the challenge of a promising day
with time waiting to be spend
always a few steps from hell
unable to turn around and return
to listen to a voice from a wishing well
to hear it echoe, let it burn
while morning glory reveals
the adagio of the tender blindness
of a passioned kiss that feeds
a travelling emotion with pregnant happiness
when momentary caresses of a touch meets
and retains how it feels
to come closer to the fire
being never too far
from a broken circle of desire
falling like a shooting star
to set free what may come
and enjoy a spring love affair
too intense to overcome
when nothing else matters
and a shaterred relation gathers
in the dawn of a promising horizon
ready to regain the only one

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