Title:  A Little Duty Ditty

Author:   KathyB
Category:   Humor
Keywords:  chores, bed, children,

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I can't believe I didn't make my bed.

I always try to do what Mama said.

But then again, what really will it matter -- if

I ... EAT ... dress ... brush ... run ... play ...
EAT ... read ... swim ... change ... play ...
EAT ... talk ... tease ... bathe ... dress ...

and finally ...

fall right back on that pillow with my head?!

Comments on "A Little Duty Ditty"
Posted by Colebunny55 on July 08, 2012
its simple and cute. c:

Posted by gonepostal on April 27, 2012
cute and nice. who did you tease i wonder. it was unclear to me if you are writing this "totally in the past/in childhood" or are you beginning your poem in the present: did you NOT make your bed one day in adulthood and that made you think about childhood when you "always" made your bed? it sounds like you were too busy as a child to take time to make your bed. and why would any kid want to make their bed when he/she is just going to have to unmake it at bedtime!!!