Title:  A Metal Opera

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  angels demons actress aplause

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a mystical and colorful opera
sleeping angels dressed in starlight
performing the alpha and the omega
alongside gothic lovers shrouded in white
romantic demons inspire the frail voiced actors
with venom of a treacherous paradise
seducing the saintly frozen spectators
hiding away behind their mortal disguise
longing for a new horizons stage play
breaking away in a fading spotlight
listen to what the perfect rippled director doesn’t say
forever farewell to the kings and queens
who are living in the past
escaping from one more black nightmare
longing for the curtains to fall
before a tragedy comes alive
in the back of the head of a paranoid audience
when broken bottles grace an unexpected relation
between the barely dressed actress and her first time experience
a trip on the back of unleashed emotion
and staring eyes ful of tears
washing away blinded fears
when the sweetness of spontaneous applause
reveals the mystery of a colorful opera

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