Title:  Deflected for quite some time

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  perfumed promising eyes

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the scent of a perfumed reason
may be too volatile
for a shadow’s call
the challenge of a changing season
love living in exile
in memory of a sudden fall
the trouble has ended
in blood on an empty street
silently remembered
entangled in a restless mind
don’t want to be seen
dreams drifting gracely away
waiting for the clawback of a promising day
drifting on an ocean of desire
to be preserved in a frozen bedroom scene
please, don’t stay to forget
look for browned ripples admire
the refection of a face
in a broken mirror
showing that not so long ago
lovely eyes told a tale
of a mad man in cognito
too close to the edges of time
unable to lower sail
and realize a perfumed reason
is locked up in a peculiar way
to release a shadowless season
deflected for quite some time

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