Title:  Saturdays

Author:   KathyB
Category:   Children
Keywords:  children, Saturdays, growing up, fun, play,sunrise, imagination, housework, passage of time, chores, responsibilities,

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I remember Saturdays.

The sun rises ... I rise.

My time! ... Play time!

Ever rich with ideas and plans,
without work or worry, I filled my day.

Joyful ... creative ... Saturday.

Now what happens?

The sun rises ... I sleep.

My time! ... Catch up time!

Catch up on sleep, then work,
with an unending list of chores, I fill my day.

Sensible ... productive ... Saturday.

Where is play?

Comments on "Saturdays"
Posted by gonepostal on April 27, 2012
kathy, i hope you make it to retirement and can again, maybe, have "joyful...creative" saturdays. i'm 63 and retired since 55. "sensible" and "productive" can still be there with joy and creativity. your poem brought to mind the part of my life (childhood) which i think i would choose over any other. retirement is close but "no cigar". thanks for sharing the clever, thought-provoking poem!