Title:  No mercy to maybe

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  maybe mercy surprise nevermind

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I show no mercy to maybe
while crawling on my knees
over the bottom of a dried up ocean
I change the stormy winds around me
try to please me with a falling leave
while spilling the best of me
somewhere never still to come
I look for a trace of a quited sky
hiding behind a misty veil in the east
to bring me back to surprise
in a realm where love is sealed
dressed in colorful rags
I scurry lonely in the desert of all of me
aware of all my chances left behind
buried beneath the best of me
and moments of nevermind
bring me back to life
to dance on the rhythm of a summer feast
while I close my eyes
and see all my smiles
holding a warm memory close to me
to give me strength each day
and show no mercy to maybe

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