Title:  I try as I might

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  kiss love proud mystery

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I try as I might
searching for a perfect kiss
running with fright
to where there is never a near miss
with everything to blame
I don’t know the reason
why love is all the same
the birth of a colorful season
waiting to do my time
and drown my dying thirst
a trick of the mind
sets me free
and failures pass me by
I know me know
but I don’t believe in what I see
the mystery of a growing shadow
I will always be proud
to stand my ground
and no longer try to follow
while falling on my knees
looking up at branchless trees
and dying angels show me eternity
I try to comprehend
as I might
lift the curse
of a perfect kiss
finally understand the moments spend
reflected in the eyes of remorse
and the presence of a near miss

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