Title:  Remember to forget

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  angel heart dreams desire

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an angel sings inside my head
a companion until the end of my days
when silence sadly smiles
pictures I need to forget
drown before my blinded eyes
aimless runs I can not survive
I envy my desire for colorful yesterday's
a broken tear inspires
to imagine a distant wake up call
of an innocent enemy before closed gates
drifting away on the rage of solitude
to bring me closer to the heart
in the middle of a new reality
making trouble with creativity
in my castle of sun and sand
hoping for emotional feedback to take part
and change my frozen attitude
a word of free will tries to understand
my foggy reflection in a bathroom mirror
shows me that heaven can wait
until a change in the tone of the angel in my head
makes me feel it is late
and whispers that all my dreams
have almost slipped away
and soon there will not be another day
to hear her sing inside my head
but for now, I remember to forget

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