Title:  To dance love towards perfection

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love perfection destiny flower

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to dance love towards perfection
and kiss the exotic colors of a wild flower
in the shadow of a winking watchtower
a lonely lady looks to an enchanting sky
dreaming on a silk shrouded bed of tranquility
she chases open doors to step into a mesmerizing crescent moon night
where love dawns in a hazy distance
perfumed by the scent of an awakening blossom in spring
longing to return to the beauty of an ancient remembering
the softly whispered words of her destiny
echo form a place where she always has been
but did not succeed to be seen
eager to stop wondering
of a gentle touch beyond the gloaming
the mysterious attraction of an unexpected adventure
more than ready to leap into a world unknown
and experience a never ending call
from the realm of heavenly rapture
waiting beyond the uncertainty of a fall
she closes her eyes and drifts away
to wake up in a reality of tenderness
in the coolness of an overhanging tree
the lonely lady finds a perfect place to lay down
to feel the arms of love enlighten her body
in a cloack of pure beauty and happiness
to dance love towards pure perfection

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