Title:  Look for the heart of the sunrise

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  sunrise heart pride pure

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on a journey to the heart of the sunrise
horizons appear like opening flowers
experience the excitement of young children’s eyes
to thank an unexpected surprise
never waiting for too many hours
and share a moment of pride
while selling sweet kisses by the pound
join the smiling faces that shimmer on a hot night
while a broken silence disturbs a distant sound
fleeing towards the beating heart of the sunrise
the old road gives some kind of heat
seducing feeth to quicken to meet
the relics of a crawling sunrise
that is trying to get in to get out
and revive in a cradle of pure crystal
to linger somewhere to be proud
unafraid of the sirens call
where a babbling brooke whispers a sunny melody
in the middle of an endless ice field
flowing towards the heart of the sunrise
where the colors of white light
come down from a blood red sky
on a journey to find a new home
in the heart of a man alone
who is searching everywhere
to be awarded a precious share
of the heart of the sunrise

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