Title:  Have you ever told her?

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  colors bright heart perfect

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behind the colors of your fading rainbow
a shadowless land unfolds
nebulous images of a sacred place called home
your thoughts stranded in the shallow
of a painted memory that beholds
the heading of a loving man who does not want to be left alone
your tears quench the thirst of rippled smiles
travelling through a field of sleeping beauties
with a blink of blinded bright eyes
and the sound of an untamed empathy
a quest for your loving heart
to turn back to a faithful journey
to an enchanting place you want to be
there is always a path you can follow
to bring spring in a world of growing darkness
and be a clown in your circus of sympathy
to capture every great moment
outside your cage of flawness
to experience a newborn wild adventure with no end
miracles out of nowhere will take you by the hand
don’t try to understand
because this is meant to be
don’t turn away of a world growing cold
you know the song never remains the same
disobey the feelings of getting old
and tender memories to blame
when you are travelling like dust in the wind
behind the colors of a perfect rainbow
to rest forever on her shoulder

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