Title:  It is only love that I feel

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  dawn horizon love endless

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waiting for the dawn
in a place where curtains are drawn
and dying flames warming the icy cold
that is blowing around me
melting my frozen doubts untold
to recall all I ever knew
while sitting on my knees
in the middle of my everywhere
surrounded by a friendly silence
and the challenge of my fears
begging me to wait no longer
a coloured lucidity is waiting outside
to make me stronger
let the dancing light of hyperborea shine on me
and reveal all my hidden flair
give me a look into the other side
where I don’t have to compare
no place for a life of disillusion
only an endless perfect shimmering horizon
to reflect every beat of my dreaming heart
and watch the colourful days I shared out there
to lead me to what has already begun
with surrealistic images and magic words
to seduce my emotions to reveal
it is only love that I feel

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