Title:  Little lies

Author:   GothelecktraVampire
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  Goth fairy tales, goth love, fantasy, lifestyle, fantasy,

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Now falling in love include only me,
holding a flower in my hand you tell me,
to let it go * forever he will be mine, time,
until the sun run rises up until morning,
I can feel him watching me later on today,
kara is not obsessed with this feeling,
she is thinking of when she will meet,
the only man of her dreams one day or night,
for now it is time to live her day in the now,
while thinking about how her kind of dream boy
will come to her,
her mind is surrounded from thoughts about him,
right now kara is outside sitting beach wise,
watching the birds from the sky,
on this day she later went home,
the outside phone is available to her nose, one
while she was minding her own business,
hearing each air noise kara wanted to get up,
bbut in that evening to mornig she could not,
when the morning came birds was notice,
in the bright green grass, chirping*,
after the phone rings has happens,
wondering how her heart feel,
finally when she go out to check for his call,
kara is walking to him a bird sat by,
with a flower coming behind it,
by it self,
she picture a man staring at her,
his voice sounded like some thing she never heard,
of before it sounded deep, and soft,
once like in her dream,
this man name is kamie his eyes are sea blue,
kara heart softened up it made her jump,
at first,
in the way she felt before hearing his voice again,
herdays were alright but it was like a rock,
feeling from out of no where this is scary,
he told her what his name was to her
it had a feeling that made her smile,
they talked like this for hours of each day,
of any time of the week of in, and of monday,
each time he would describe, how much,
he loves her hair, the way she walk,
even when both of them are hearts apart,
their voices collide some where that cannot,
be found into his arms kara denies
touch, on her lips to later passionately kiss her,
he offered to take her out one day,
on the second day it was a clear yes,
kara is his only beauty in his life,
this is not the outside phone scene anymore,
his face see through her eye,
when ever kara talk around her house love,
he is in her house permanently falling in
with her for the first time her eye opened,
kamie, and kara, hug every night, and day,
then they kiss, and go to sleep in the day,
light, where he can see her the best,
kara look forward to looking at her best friend,
boyfriend, and lover forever kealing heart,

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