Title:  I cannot believe you

Author:   GothelecktraVampire
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  dreams, fantasy, gothic life, gothic rose lifestyle, A black rose,

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Let me start off by telling people,
I would like to fall in love,
some day, :) * hmmm . . mm . m* I am happy,
to say I'm am already,
searching for love it could be,
on the computer or in a love letter,
or something,
I will say I already have his love,
letter in my hand,
me wanting to read it is in me,
I layed his letter down,
not thinking about how proud I,
am to have him off of my mind,
a red to black rose,
will be in my interesting gothic,
lovable heart for him,
being with the rest of the sun,
flower lilies knealing down,
to the ground where I will,
always have him in my, dark,
deep blue sea eyes,
this girl who is walking will
never say goodbye,
but with my eyes being closed,
all closed up in a knot,
not to tight they are,
opened again,
not in the same way as yesterday,
he cannot see what I am doing,
really, see what I am doing,
writing to him means the world,
I do it every day, and night, * writes *,
ummm I just recieved a letter,
it said I love you to alreadyed,
slepted with him one time,
it was just a jealous meaningless kiss,
a old kiss in my eyes and they are,
behind my dreams when it happened,
I felt like it was more than what,
it seemed he look nice today,
this is not joe only letter to me,
he written more before my secret
dairy, is kept safe with me,
untio it is time to close the door,
but I will keep it open,
the next day will come to tell,
him the truth about me,
and what I see in him,
beneath thr tree tonight in which,
it mean today,
I bought a flower for him,
I am tired of writing to the,
love letter I read many of times,
as a reply, it is time to close, a
door it is time to close the chapter,
of a secret diary I have,
am planning on sleeping with
him, again later on,
tonight I love him dearly,
there is a secret door,
joe is coming in soon,
to read a book with me,
in the end,

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