Title:  No stranger to emotion

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  change misunderstanding emotion riddle

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some things never change
walking in a deserted street
to a place to turn back time
while realizing I am who I am
I experienced countless moves to re-arrange
all the sad faces I meet
unable to make them mine
always never more than
being close to a worn out edge
with only one way to pledge
my naked understanding
and cuddle my speechless mind
to remember that I am who I am
just another one too kind
embracing every spoken word
in a labyrint of misunderstanding
explaining I am who I am
shrouded in a cloack of predictability
and solve the riddle of who I am
with a touch of my personality
and I know what I know
is drowning in my distraction
to leap out of an auditioning shadow
for a rendez vous with who I will never be
a stranger to emotion

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