Title:  Through the eyes of a Jester

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  jester dreams eyes journey traveller

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with the face of a jester
and painted sad eyes
he is on a predestined journey
a modern medieval traveller
handing out what he disguises
a stranger to a farewell
holding a candle without a wick
walking towards a broken down fire place
starting to rebuild it brick by brick
where dark eyes stared at him
waiting for inspiration to come
out of a yellowed magazine
like an unexpected urge for sin
and a day to celibrate things not done
growing ripples in his middle aged face
betrays his obsession to make it now
no more dreams, no more maybe
no more travelling, no more could be
break the curse of not remembering how
to dance on a wobbly table
and bring spring to those looking at him
all those souls ready to hypnotize
with his realities that are not here
the ever changing colors of his jesters’ face
appeal to the outside to embrace
the play where the actor becomes the spectator
and lead him away from the undressed jester in the mirror

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