Title:  Good Bye!

Author:   Quill_Ink
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Blade, suicide, hurt, betrayal, satan, society, adapt, feelings

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You don't know what I feel
Oh! Even what I not feel!
And what I was, What I did!?
No! It’s more of what I did let go!

I am jealous, a morbid creature,
A Satan concealed within the glow
A Glow in The darkness
Hidden by my Smile!

But it was us, I thought it was, but
In the end you too did betray
And I realized It was not me
But the society I was in!

No, I don't blame anyone
It’s me who can't adapt
So I'm gonna go, if not my vein can
Cut the blade, it’s a good bye ya all!

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