Title:  My Paper Heart (Megaripples)

Author:   The Rebel Cloud
Category:   Life
Keywords:  new, love, life, short, weird, abstract, dark, deep

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For one eternal second
Megaripples in time
Intense and uniform
A pause with no equal
All that does, does not
All logic undone
What were you thinking
I'm not here
I'm not here

A perpetual wave
Infinite, short and long
A star within
Centred and scattered
Immeasurably strong
A thousand years in one day
A lifetime of love left burning
Ferocious fire ignite the clouds
This sky of faces and flames surrounds
My paper heart
My paper heart

Comments on "My Paper Heart (Megaripples)"
Posted by KathyB on May 07, 2012
I don't quite understand much of this at first reading, but the rhythm and flow are elegant. You have a smooth writing style. ... can't wait to read your other poems. Thanks.