Title:  On a Beach Road

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual; Consience; Self-Knowledge

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What is Immortality,
But the Echo of Honesty?

What is Divinity,
But the Honesty of our Heart?

I wish to feel the purple breeze when,
The sun gets joined with the sea;

Time is only an excuse we have created,
To believe we still exist;

Even in hard times,
We're not able to see,
What we've got.

I'll only die for the wind and the wave when,
My spirit casts my eyes,
Throughout the ocean!

Days become gray;
The sun gets cloudier;

No more games are existing,
In the land of none.

But my feet are still standing
On the golden ground;

I will not leave this place;

The best way to get rid of a mask is,
To get our soul unveiled.

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