Title:  Between Sensuality and Divinity

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Poetry; Love; Spiritual

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I'm living around the purple darkness;
The illusion comes up in many ways.

I'm living among green ropes;
My field is still afar from me.

It's easy to try being different when,
We keep smiling at the same wall,
On which nails and sand were erased,
From my heart.

Flesh and diamond are filling out the temple,

But the wisdom is still unknown,
Among the thorny caresses.

Right now,
I don't wanna keep living,
With the laughing blindfold anymore;

I just expect to die until,
My soul will be seen,
In the splendor of the Great Noon.

As our image is reflected in the mirror;
Our heart will be cast in our actions.

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