Title:  A Gentle Sorrow

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Poetry; Feelings

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My entrails are dancing,
In the middle of a modern ritual;

Not even my conscience is willing to feel the Divinity,
When I'm confused about my fate.

Just the silence can relieve me,
From am empty laughing,

Whereas the masks are so distorted,
In which I don't fit in.

Why do I still keep my ancient heart occupied,
In a place where the psalms are just a fa├žade,
To gain the earth?

Why does the atmosphere still crown me,
With a meaningless breath?

Just my eyes will reveal my true nature,
In which shades won't look back when,
They try to catch me up;

Just a new life will give me a new pleasure,
Which will be well-welcomed,
In the middle of a disguised reality,

And I'll only live for the wisdom when,
My legs are willing to climb high mountains,

And my arms will be so strong to hold on,
The bars of ignominy;

A new temple must get built up,
With fire and wind!

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