Title:  Dear Mistress

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  mistress linger angel fairytale

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apprentice mistress
barely dressed
auditioning for a rendez vous
charmed to be undressed
by the seductions of a phantom lover
too many mixed feelings unable to undo
tied up in the shadow of a perfect body
to struggle with nothing but a name
an unfamiliar face tries to uncover
with gold on each finger
irresistible moments of fame
when sweet dreams linger
in a gentle wolf's lair
wondering could this ever happen again?
a fragile reflection waiting out there
born with the heart of an abandoned angel
living in a fairytale on the run
a relation in silent lucidity
such a warm cunning man
dressed in a twisted reality
auditioning for a moment of truth
and a smiling token of proof
it will never happen again
to please an unexpected rendez vous
with an alter ego in white lace
a ghost of love without a trace
the disilussion of an apprentice mistress

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