Title:  The unmade bed

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  bed hand heart lover unknown

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you were lying on an unmade bed
in an old fashioned room of an outdated family hotel
you were looking at the ceiling
I still remember your perfume smell
hypnotised I entered the room and said:
I saw you dance last night
and I looked you in the eyes
our thoughts met somewhere in the middle
of what looked like a misplaced rendez vous
with a naughty endearing giggle
you invited me to lie beside you
and the fragile touch of your hand
released a warm deep unnatural feeling
of being not another hero lover longing for the spotlight
painted with golden sunbeams of the setting sun
your deep blue eyes told me a story
of a lady who is tired of wondering whether
someone can mend the pieces of her broken heart
in a place where she is a desirable ice queen
now, the unknown crawls towards you like an expecting mother
and you doubt to take part
but, you were speachless when I whispered in your ear
I can read your mind, my dear
you don't want to be left alone with your thoughts of yesterday
captured in the features of your unmade bed
but now you remember the contours of a happy end
you started to talk to me and showed me maybe
in the damped mirror where you looked for your childhood
and all you saw, was me smiling at you
telling you, you being here feels good
and we fell asleep in eachothers arms on the unmade bed

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