Title:  Blue Kimono

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  kimono life bright memory smiles love

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walking around in a shabby blue kimono
carrying the perfume of a wild flower of the east
specially dressed up with no place to go
longing for a moment to be pleased
like a wallflower waiting to be led by a stranger's hand
realising it is getting late to let it go
the face of another dream leaving the shadow of indecision
entangled in the oppression of a suspicious beauty
challenge the look beyond the edge of sun and sand
intangible to blinded bright human eyes
showing emotions difficult to understand
unable to unwrap a gift of sincere smiles
wanting to be the first untouchable one
while climbing on a burning rope
towards the alter ego of a person saving hope
while the frozen rain is falling down on the one eager to try
but the light of the lighthouse is extinguished
there is only the reflection of a blue kimono
challenging a perfect looming stormy sky
with a sparkle of a sad memory relinquished
carrying a new born love from the east
more than surprised to feel a moment of truth
that there is always time and a place
to survive and be reborn in the ashes of a memory
of the shabby blue kimono that left with a colourfull reason
specially waiting for the morning of another season
with the exception of the features of a rippled face
that symbolized the life of a forever rebel
and too many unfinished stories to tell
written on the sleeves of a shabby blue kimono

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