Title:  The Nightmare & The Ghost

Author:   D4rkr4v3n
Category:   Weird
Keywords:  Ghost, Nightmare, Sleep, Rhyme

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I sit in the dark by candle light
Hear footsteps and giggles, in the night
The scratching, the banging
All the pans clanging
Nobody else here but me
I hear a wail, a banshee
I sit paralyzed as the darkness approaches
Feeling pure fear as the figure encroaches
It reaches forwards
I stumble backwards
I try to shuffle away
But my will it betrays
I scramble upstairs
Barricade my room with chairs
It knocks down the door
Throws it on the floor
I'm backed into a corner
Left without any armour
I cower in fear
This is ever so queer
The creature screams
And I wake up from my dreams
Covered in sweat
The bed sheets wet
I hear the tapping
It's not over yet.

Comments on "The Nightmare & The Ghost"
Posted by Dark Artist on May 03, 2012
Very good :)