Title:  Poem to the Monsters that Plague Us

Author:   NMTD
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Monster

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You pick your victims and perpetrators.
You light fires,
the smoke clouding our self-worth,
our view of the light.
Then set us off like TNT.

Like a disease,
you're infectious,

You drag us down.
Unable to breathe,
unable to escape.
You play tricks of the mind and make us our own worst enemy.

You're the troll under the bridge.
Taking your toll time after time.
You stack stone upon stone on our innocent shoulders.

You leave us playing spin the bottle.
trying to kiss the wounded parts of our souls,
the pieces we will find yet won't be able to put back together.

Starting fires within us.
are the monster.
All you want is chaos.
You thrive off guilt and pride.

The names and insults they throw at us,
given to them by you.
You wait till the only thing left in us is our inner voice,
our inner critic.
Chipping away at ourselves from the inside out.

We try to fight back but your intensity persists.
With each blow, you warp our senses.
Changing reality.
Making us believe that there are those we can trust.
But we have just fallen into another trap.

We may face bruises and broken bones but nothing will amount to the torment and the anguish that has fallen upon ourselves.
Our good deeds and victories diminished to dust as you lay a blanket of darkness over our world.
You stomp on our heroes and crush the only pleasant dreams we have left.
Instead, lifting your own banner and claiming land, that of which isn't yours.

And when you finally leave?
you leave behind regret
and despair.
Letting these things manifest themselves inside us.

Stirring them like the poison in a cauldron.
Letting the monster within you show through us.

You make us believe that we have limitations.
That we are nothing but a single lonely kite thrashing around in a blizzard.
You throw expectations at us making us believe that we are not beautiful.
But you are a monster,
and that is what monsters do.

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