Title:  About the Old Seduction

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Temptation; Impurity; Turning back

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I was trying,

To get drowned,

Into my red well;

Just a reminder of Faith could,

Take me away;

I don't live to leak,

A broken mirror anymore;

I only die to have,

Another Guide!

If Death could kiss my soul,

I'd rather become a ghost,

For it is not fair,

To stab myself,

With the same sword;

Just a deep breath can restore me,

To the normal range;

In which the air is still polluted,

By the same madness;

Just my vision can write a prophecy,

In which your arms build a temple,

To reborn within the purple love;

So I will not see sirens of flesh anymore!

Along many lives,

I have cried,

The loss of my golden rose;

And many other lives would take me,

To awake,

A new beginning again.

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