Title:  Everyone's Mysterious Wife

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  painting fruits loving desire

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once a beautiful creature
now, a blurred out painting
of a mysterious woman with no name
once an erotic adventure
now, a crimson coloured face haunting
an empty bed room with perfumed shame
her broken desires can’t forget to remember
when the cracks in her smiles started to show
born with the heart of a loving twin sister
blinding everyone with no tormorrrow
crushed by the addicting fruits of her sweet insanity
the excitement of an engaging story
washed away by the abuse of a happy end
whispering in her ear don’t be another somebody
saving too many moments not well spend
that take her back to a deserted place
where the glowing axis of her lover's fire
revive the perfect ripples in her pale face
to show a glimpse of burning introvert desire
expecting no one to look for anything more
hanging with her back to the wall
the mysterious woman with no name
carries on with her life
dressed in the colours of a blurred out painting
to be forever everyone's mysterious wife

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