Title:  Passionate

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love passionate fairytale romance

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a cry for love in a passionate utmost
another happy memory silently slipping away
like a wild flower cuddled by deadly frost
remorseless at the end of the day
feeling naked in its presence
while exposed to childish endeavours
aiming to find a seventh sense
revealed by melted shady flavours
beyond the beauty of secret renaissance
mesmerized by the melody of a five string violin
forever waiting to be heard
listening to fairytales without a begin
leading the way to a crowded outskirt
to be invited to an uncivilized garden party
unable to remember it was morning
linking the scent of the aftermath
to just one more last chance
to run away from an endless path
and look for mercy in wasted romance
in the eyes of love at first sight
encouraged to wait night after night
to be seduced by a passionate dance

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