Title:  Turning on Purple

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Insight; Hope; Knowledge

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On the silence,
My heart is shouting;

Perhaps a new inspiration is,
A new picture,
Of my existence;

I'm still desiring,
A new sword,
To make my Fate,

But I still need to know when,
Should I throw my golden seeds;

I won't create,
Angels of plastic,

The voice that surrounds my body,
Doesn't make any difference,
Between Beauty and Spirit;

The blood that makes,
My soul dancing,
Does not create a barrier,
Between the gods and the poets;

Just an illusion can get me,
A unique style,
To waste it,
Among the herd,

But my eyes are still smiling,
For now I know that,
Everyone is able,
To find their way,

And yet to see changes,
Across from them;

So now on,

The wisdom is singing,
Among the flowers.

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