Title:  The Nautic art of letting go

Author:   kornelia
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  reflective

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By the side of the Sea
She gives me glimpses

of distance lost
Of figures dancing
upon mirrors beyond time

Through thought
I am writing calligraphic lines
that make the water glisten
in orbits of reflection

Two white swans answer
swimming closer towards me
At first glance they offer me
their compassion

One by one they lower
their ivory necks
One sips in fresh water

The other curls up
resting its head
upon it`s featheredness

From it`s crib
the swan
beholds me

It sails like a small
white boat
behind the other

This moment
was meant
that way

Comments on "The Nautic art of letting go"
Posted by kornelia on May 31, 2017
Hello Dante, thank you for your feedback on my poem. This poem is rather special to me, It is based upon a real moment which happened to me, Indeed it is also based on emotions or perhaps letting go of it...

Posted by dante1208 on May 30, 2017
Lovely! It makes me think about an emotion that's still vivid. Also, I can perceive tenderness .