Title:  On a way back

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual

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Behold your eyes,
I only draw a smile,
That will remain,
In your heart

Behold my steps,
I only draw a present,
That will create,
My fate;

An inspiration will never be enough,
To unveil,
The beauty secrets,

And how I wish
To get God naked!

May the world be,
The conquest field when,

A hidden emperor manifests
His wisdom,
Upon the common;

May an unshaken love be,
The golden anchor when,

My eyes penetrate,
A plastic armor's seal

Even along the daily routine,

The holiness will survive,
If we know how,
To cleanse our mind;

From fire to fire,

Death will only be,
A dancer in the wind.

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