Title:  The melody of an almost broken heart

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  melody heart romance desire sun

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the melody of an almost broken heart
in a place where death can dance
the light of dawn fell apart
in shadows of a memorized romance
the voice of a weeping violin
encouraged a hopeful one
to dance in the arms of its offspring
and face the fears of a long gone past
the strain to not look back
and grab an unexpected chance at last
the tragedy of not another wasted begin
blind to see the beauty of the rising sun
and end up in the middle of a colourless outback
unable to make something from nothing
unmoved while kissed by naked desire
a picture of a silhouet dressed in dried flowers
on a journey with an almost broken heart
setting sail to a looming horizon
while the light of Hyperborea misleads the hours
and cures a beating headache within
the silent lucidity of an awakening mind
too many reasons not left behind
addicted to moments unaware to forget
a doubting lover no longer too tired to trespass
the many illusionary boundaries waiting ahead
towards a place designed to encompass
the revival of the melody of an almost broken heart

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