Title:  Eloquent love

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  dawn eloquent emotion today head

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a touch of an exciting dawn made my day
without a word I woke up from my secret dream
telling myself I need another place to play
maybe a safe haven upstream
for sure, all is here and now
I only have to open my mind
and leave behind my pride and prejudice
that is slowly making me blind
for love and pain of a forever renaissance
filling my heart with trespassed courage
and answers to the challenge
of smiling to the one next to me
and taking the risk of being somewhere
unafraid of the teardrop in my eye
I realize it has just begun
my imagination makes me run
towards a silent emotion out of control
that numbs my deepest illusion
and celebrate the return of my fearless soul
a farewell to a shattered expectation
and hello, trust in a sheer relation
that got me out of bed
and made me take a bet
to believe that the closer I get
the distance will grow inside my head
until another eloquent dawn makes my day
and takes me by the hand to share today

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