Title:  Heart and Intensity

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual; love; hope

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So I've started to go
Through your well-shaped curls,

Whereas your smile is the doorway,
To amiable encounters;

I believe,
My going-under will help me,
To understand your love,

And also to reveal me that,
My pathway is already established;

So I'll keep going on my search!

Wherever I find the red torch,
I will transform it
Into a flesh hand,

In which,
Not even the wise will be able to deny,
How to build a temple,
Among the bedclothes;

A love prophecy will be written
On a lover's skin,
Whereas many doves will soar
To the new land,
And make a statue
With the seed of pleasure;

A dance is whispering in my ears,
And on your blood,

The swaying rose is opening her petals.

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