Title:  Lakeshore

Author:   Kerensa Aife
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Desire, Waves, Breathes, Shoreline, Bodies

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Rippling of waves
Like flicks of the tongue

Sunshine glints off surface of the lake
Like desire reflected in hungry eyes

Streaming sunbeams warming skin
Along with friction of hands and touch

A breeze gains momentum
Breathing deeper, breathes sharper

Flash of silver from darting fish
Like lingering imprints of fleeting touch

Waves crashing on the shoreline
Rocks worn smooth give no resistance

A moment in time
Energy Nature Souls Bodies
Blissfully align

A lazy sailboat floats along the surface
Mirroring contentment of now still bodies

Comments on "Lakeshore"
Posted by RobinRebirth on September 15, 2017
Love all the wave effects of the saiboats in your writing