Title:  Blind Awareness

Author:   Kerensa Aife
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  Self Denial, Emptiness, Isolation, Silent Grief, Secret, Emotions

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Silently drowning in grief and loneliness
Unable to unmask emotions
Emotions that have been secretly, sinfully borne
Source of silent tears closed to communication
The Ruse of appearing unaffected a destructive burden
How much more desperate the pain seems
Feelings rumble and roil inside like a gathering storm
Having no outlet heightens feelings to unrealistic degrees
Laughable really
Heart tricks us into turning a brief tryst
Into the tragic romance of the decade
Maybe in the numbness of the real world
An overwhelming sense of desolation and loss
Is still a feeling
And unwillingly we create and grasp onto that
Because the other option
An emotionless soulless functioning shell of a person
Is akin to the death of our individual

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