Title:  The shadow of love has no name

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love shadow beauty name heart kiss

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the shadow of love has no name
vanished into the twilight
a place where love is all the same
at the end of another stormy night
listening to an unfinished symphony
of which the composer has past
and shared a part of its empathy
always changing too fast
the silhouette of a confused innocence
crawls back into the womb of ignorance
to play hide and seek with everyday’s beauty
the touch of a gentle experience
reveals don’t love to like to blame
the shadow with no name
whispering a word of none
travelling to a place unsung
where starlight heats a dying flame
numb for a melody on the run
and the hypocrisy of a subtile kiss
is just a breathe away
from the shadow of love with no name
and passion with a heart
save beyond the elements of deserted emotion
unaware of being part
of a quest for a painted illusion
to forget the ordinary to understand
the shadow of love offers a helping hand

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