Title:  Living on an Inner Temple

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual

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If I'm still swimming over blue flames;
If I'm still feeling the red desire that,
Will never stop,
To grasp my heart;

How may I not transform,
The wickedness into Purity?

If I'm still having joy,
Among the children of God,
In order to nourish my spirit,
For I'm called to fly through new lands;

How may I not write,
A new omen on my eyes?

If I've already acquired,
A new revelation for the Invisible,
And all that is holy and beautiful within;

How may I not dance on old graves and stones?

I only know that,
I will never give up on Eternity,

For I'm not another creature,
Whose is living to die;

Along many lives,
I have gone by,
To realize that,

It's not a sin to have joy for beauty;
It is a sin to pervert it.

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