Title:  Nobody knows but you

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  you love know nobody feel

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Nobody knows but you
sweet intense moments in slow motion
disturb the aspirations of your sleeping beauty
released right out of the blue
to be carried away on giggling emotion
no more hiding from your day dream
shining in the eyes of your perfect body
asleep in the heat of a bedroom scene
waiting to step out of the darkness of sorrow
where nobody knows but you
a sensitive heart hiding behind a shadow
showing fragile signs of an unexpected pregnant you
forsaken by a moonlit knight of yesterday
and faces of no more turning away
startled memories to guide your chances of tomorrow
that nobody knows but you
while dancing towards an obscure alley
sharing moments of love and hate
until the truth of wander passes by
and what you feel makes you no longer afraid
subtile impressions reveal what you do
forsake that nobody knows but you

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