Title:  R For Razor Cut

Author:   RobinRebirth
Category:   Humor
Keywords:  Fun,Magic,Tragic,Mystery,Fantasy

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Robin Rambles ridiculous rhyming
rippling, rainstorms, red raincoats.
Red hot mouth your mind expanding reinventing.
Your brain blowing in all directions.
Reacting wanting to fight to do what's right.

Tragically sad "Hurricane."Becoming Mad Mom.
Crazy 8 Catwoman your nails too long you scratched.Needing millionaire matchmaker.
All regret the same thing R for replaying.
Digging like the undertaker.

I will be damned if I am staying.
The same song if I only did it differently.
How did I get it so wrong? More Robin Pictures
R for reruns to regain design features.
Firemen helping R for rage a time for coping.
Too many matches.
Too many glitches.

I'm feeling under a spell those witches.
Something is sharpening like a knife
R for so relevant getting closer to zoom in I need more space and R roomy but no time for having fun.Wickedly Gloomy floods we need Vitamin R for plenty of "Rest Time" stop running out of time.
R for Reborn don't look forlorn.

R for rambling on a song I 've been working on the railroad Red Riding hood you sure are looking flustered R for the razor cut feeling hammered.
railroads and board meetings.
The human brain so wired.

Wondering why so many people get fired.
Time for R and R.R for rest relaxation
Rock and Roll Hall of fame.
Getting hammered red flame

R for rudely interrupted distractions.
Robin bird R is the word emails.
Social networking on a pedestal
sharp uniquely driven in our own portal.
R for real or change of pace racing mortal.
Think less you will get more things done "Razor Sharp" Mind of a list feeling more responsibility. Staying calm more focused trees to your path of tranquility.

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