Title:  He's My Shadow Fight

Author:   RobinRebirth
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  Dreams,Spiritual,Romance,Mystery,Dark

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Lamppost of crystal's shadow light.
It's me against my shadow-fight
Looking out my window I see the field.
I am sitting with my napkin fold.

Looking at my ring it's invisible, in the
crack's I can see a shadow face.
Please get him out of my South Hampton house.
He's so out of place.I never want
to see his shadow face.

Shopping fighting the crowd
Drunks and hunks of the City.
I'm sold congratulations, I win my Harry Winston

Jarod was fighting, with my jewel's.On the titanic vessel
exploring love at any cost, picking up historical love fossil?He
gave her a necklace from the shadow exquisitely detailed tasseled.
My lover tilt's me forward.
I go toward the light Shadow fight Hansel
and love brutal Gretel.
Someone is following me,
in my shadow.

I was holding two cozy croissants.
looking I see his sun-shadow.
In the meadow. Me and my shadow cafe and black-catsuit, he's jumping over my latte and lucky me shadow kiss fairy elves.

Going through my Carbanet shelves.
Made me so angry. I didn't exactly feel
like the Dutchess of East Windsor NJ.
I could have eaten feast so hungry.

All I will be is this shadow hanging with his dirty laundry smelled soil like a Kentucky Fried Chicken
he was breaking in my house, I was hidden. I'm dreaming of a
White Christmas,
my ornament's his shadow lip's looking behind me every
I am the singer I and my shadow made a hit record.I see shadow's Robin bird frantic.Sometimes life is cruel fighting.

She-devil of Prozac-in the Christmas tree Jack bookie shining, all writer's whining.Pretty
painted pale violet's from the window lover's kisses
Seem's ingenious, but I'm the rocky fighter, not going
to take it.

I'm not listening.His shadow follow's me.
I fight back like I am pacing toward the Gotham city, the train track.


blowing so transparent batman flying so defiant.
Fairies with lucidity his shadow made a hot crime.
at the same time
How I wished I was overlooking the water, with my
Key -lime pie.
Please don't shadow me with your lie rob me again.What's 2 gain, your invisible men not the perfect fit to my virginity key?
out my window, someone touched my back monster vision,
not exactly love infusion.I felt like I was having a blood transfusion.
Sun-catcher caught my eye's dreamy mad-hatter meadow
.no tea party
turned into Mobster Gotti. Shadow proof what about the book proof.
Vividly, shooting, at window's, cherry tree, lost its shadow.
Ancestor's sign's leaves fly and fight family from the distance.
broken heart.But Bette Midler sing's, knock's out all the shadow's from the distance.

Opened my window, snow blizzard blew
apart ice edge's started sticking.
Hearing music my window call's me Flicker's at me, it touched a part of me, how it trembled me,
familiar beat.
I stumbled to my feet looking out my window
Immortal sunlight powerful never left my sight...

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